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About Us

At Aubri Jaiel, we believe in  radiant skin, we achieve illumination by using healthy toxin free ingredients. Our promise is to provide you with quality products that your skin will love and benefit from. We build confidence, through education. We pride ourselves in delivering our clients with quality education so you have a profound understanding of proper cleansing. We love the representation of the emerald stone. This specific stone signifies strength, partnership, balance and tranquility. We formulate our products to bring these positive factors to enhance your essence. Finding the correct skincare regimen is a personal journey (similar to life’s journey)  We want to make sure you feel confident along the way. With names like “The Leader, The Lover, The Explorer, etc. you can’t help but tap into that beautiful cylinder of confidence that we all possess. Our botanical products are formulated with pure, simple plant based ingredients that are good for your mind, body and soul from head to toe. 

We do all this because you deserve the best of the best.

-Aubri & Teri